Omni Chefs - The Richards Group

Cooking has never been something I have been good at, let alone remotely interested in. There was always so much chaos and confusion that came to my mind when I thought about being in the kitchen. Do I have this ingredient, where is this utensil, are the dished I need clean, what am I even making? 

I grew up in a family of people that knew how to cook. They knew just by tasting or smelling what else was needed to make random ingredients come together into something delicious. I always used this as a bit of a crutch, because if someone else was cooking for me that was great then why would I spend the time to do something that I am terrible at? I mean, a few weeks ago I messed up a box of macaroni and cheese. Yes, the one in the blue box. 

I love to eat, and I love good food, but I have never had that interest in doing it myself. 

Luckily, after I grew up and out of the house I found this girl that loves to cook, she loves to make her own pasta and everything she makes is simply perfect in my mind. So again, I find myself not having any drive or motivation to learn the art of cooking. 

However, this past week I was on a job down in San Antonio with two of my incredibly talented friends to document the executive chefs from Omni hotels learn to cook Chilean food. I looked at this as a job rather than an incredible experience. I got to follow some incredibly passionate and talented chefs from all over the country and see how they make a living. I quickly learned that cooking wasn’t something to be afraid of, rather it was another form of art that I could find a release in. It was so incredible to see how every single detail over an hour came together to be this beautiful plate of food, that itself looked like a piece of art. 

I, by no means, plan on becoming a chef (remember the macaroni incident?) but I do hope to explore my new found respect for the art of cooking.

In this series of photographs, I wanted to show these chefs the way that my vivid imagination saw them- as Mad Scientists. I saw these chefs running around looking for what they needed then paying such close attention to their creation. To convey this thought of Mad Scientists, I knew it had to be dark but with extreme highlights. In my mind, a scene from Frankenstein comes to mind when the scientist is running around his laboratory and the lighting strikes and creates the only real light in the room. 

Dallas Sled Stars

This past weekend I got a really fun opportunity to take some portraits of the Dallas Sled Stars. Sled Hockey is a sport that was designed to allow athletes that have a physical disability to play the game of ice hockey. Below is portrait of Taylor Lipsett, a two time gold medalist in both the 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi olympic games. Below you will notice a very familiar face that belongs to the Dallas Stars very own Tyler Seguin. It was awesome getting to see him out there trying to keep up with the other athletes, truly proving how in shape and how difficult the game of sled hockey really is. It is truly inspiring to see these people continue living their love of hockey despite their disabilities.