A five minute portrait session.

I've never really spent too much time in the studio, since I love working with the environment we have around us. Another reason I haven't really done too much studio work is because I have always found the results to be some what more boring compared to environmental portraits. With this photo shoot I had less than 5 minutes to get what we needed before we moved on to the next subject, we being www.creostories.com. Working with CREO has been an incredible experience working with other creatives making beautiful stories that cover Video, Photography and Writing. Please take a chance to check out some of our work there as well! Thanks! 

- - Behind the Scenes - - 

To get the most out of the little time we had with many of our subjects, we had both video and photo lights set up at the same time so we didn't have to worry about down time in between the interviews and photos. For this shoot I simply used 2 lights, a 5 ft octobank and a gridded beauty dish.