Texas Rangers Media Day - Fox Sports Southwest


Below is the lighting diagram for all of the different looks I did for the Texas Rangers in a 10x20ft white tent. 10x20ft is a lot smaller than it sounds. When my assistant and I arrived to Surprise Stadium where the Rangers held media day, we were in for quite the shock of how small our space was and how much I had planned. We immediately had to go back to the drawing board to fit as many different looks into that tiny space as possible. 

Each morning we showed up at the field, freezing our butts off in the 30 degree weather. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE WARM IN ARIZONA, RIGHT!? Needless to say, I didn't dress appropriately for the weather. We photographed 42 players, the mascot and the coach of the Rangers over the next 3 days. We would randomly photograph players as they came over from 8am until 3pm. On the other end of the tent, Fox Sports Southwest was doing video, and we were given about 10 minutes, total, between the two stations. I would photograph each player in just under 2 minutes.


Look #1


This lighting setup was the quickest and most simple with only a single beauty dish, eye level, and a self made silver reflector from tinfoil taped to a piece of foam core


Look #1.5


This is the exact same setup as before. I took a few steps back and switched out the small silver reflector for a 4x4 ft silver reflector. 


Look #2


For this setup, we had the pitchers go through their windup, and position players swing their bat. Since we had no idea who would be coming at what time, we had to setup for right handed and left handed players without moving equipment. 

There were two large octabanks raised all of the way to the ceiling angled down, a beauty dish aimed at the background to add depth and a 4x4 foot silver reflector for fill from below the player.


Look #3


The final setup way primarily backlight. I had a 12x12 foot white scrim stretched floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Behind the scrim I had two heads with umbrellas bouncing back into the scrim and then another head with a 7in reflector firing into the white tent just to get a little more spread. I had a beauty dish raised all of the way to the ceiling, then firing upwards into the ceiling to provide a tiny bit of fill. There was also the 4x4 foot silver reflector from below to provide more fill on each player. 


After shooting each of the players seperately, I composited the players together to create team shots like below.