On the Road


To go on the road with the Dallas Stars has been a dream of mine ever since I started shooting for the organization two years ago. To see & photograph the other side of things that I never got to see. I finally felt like I had my chance to document the players away from the ice, away from the game of hockey. Normally this may have been the case, however this wasn't the road trip that would supply an answer to any of my dreams. The Stars started off hot, beating the Carolina Hurricanes 5-2, exactly the start to the road trip a photographer could hope and dream for. Unfortunately, this is where my luck would run out. The Stars would go 0 for 3 on the road trip. Not only lose 3 straight games, they would lose the games in a very painful way. This would limit my access to the team much more than if they were winning. This would also cause the players to not want me around as much, which I get. Who wants a camera in their face when things aren't going well? This presented me with quite the predicament of trying to do my job as well as I could, and giving the players the space they wanted and deserved.


Day 1

Location: Dallas, Texas

Game: Dallas Stars vs Carolina Hurricanes - Stars win 5-2

Flight: Dallas, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee

Immediately after the game, the equipment crew loads up the teams equipment and heads to the airport.

Getting to travel with the team has been a dream of mine since I started with the team last season, and it did not disappoint! After having dinner on the plane and a quick hour or so flight, we landed in Nashville and headed to the hotel next to the arena. 


Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Game: Dallas Stars vs. Nashville Predators - Stars lose 5-3

Flight: Nashville, Tennessee to Winnepeg, Manitoba 

Optional Morning Skate

Pre Game Meal, the players walking to the arena and signing autographs, and pregame rituals


Off Day


Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Game: Dallas Stars vs. Winnipeg Jets - Stars lose 5-2

Flight: Winnipeg, Manitoba to St.Paul, Minnesota

Morning Skate

Leaving the hotel to head to arena, going through security, prepping for the game, warming up. 



Location: St.Paul, Minnesota

Team Pracitce


Location: St.Paul, Minnesota

Game: Dallas Stars vs. Minnesota Wild - Stars lose 3-1

Flight: St.Paul, Minnesota to Dallas, Texas